standing upside down with my head in a hole // September 2012

Tending to a beehive // October 2011

photocredit: Rivkah Khanin

While painting the Missouri Wall of Fame on the Mississippi Floodwall in my hometown of Cape Girardeau, MO // October 2006

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Auto-Geography // 2013

Born in Cape Girardeau Missouri 1988, Ryan Hammond is a new media artist living and working in Baltimore MD. Often in the form of publications and video installations, his work examines the ways new technologies modify our experience of space and time in order to address a larger dialogue about human perception and consciousness. Materials that are ubiquitous in everyday life (pop music videos, cell phones, computer screens) become lenses used to examine interactions between culture and biology; technological progress and desire.

Heavily influenced by systems theory, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and cognitive science, Ryan is interested in the ways Art and Science explore the same questions, and how a stronger dialogue between the two could impact them. Along side his sculptural work he has worked as an editor and cameraman for multiple documentary films, a beekeeper and garden organizer for MICA's Buddha Garden, as well as a teacher and researcher for GGI (a nonprofit organization connecting scientists and artists to work on collaborative projects and workshops). He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in Spring 2012 with a major in interdisciplinary sculpture and a minor in sustainability and social practice.

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